Art by Isabella Mazzanti

I have a disease

“MOM! This is amazing! This song is like Christmas!”
– My seven year-old second cousin upon hearing Bohemian Rhapsody 


I have a deep appreciation for the kanji for east, 東, because it’s the radical for sun (日) plus the radical for tree (木)

it’s the sun rising from behind a tree

On the edge of experience, Wanda Koop

Moriyama House, Tokyo, Japan, 2005
The “Moriyama House” is a housing complex in a quiet Tokyo district that uses the Japanese concept of simple and minimal living. A white block building surrounded by a landscape of paths, courts, and niches unfolds, cascading unhindered on all sides into the public alleys of the district. With respective gardens; the landscape, city, and house become indistinguishable with the design of the gardens and interjacent pathways and all blend together with a hint of adventure and mysterious.

Space Age magazine, March 1952.

Gerald Leung

Adolf Wölfli


Something awesome, surreal and possibly even a little bit magical is happening on a quiet street in the Toxteth district of Liverpool, England. Every night, when the clock strikes 10:00pm, the sliding storefront shutter on a derelict building opens to reveal a radiant blue tank of water filled with live, luminous jellyfish silently swimming around the space.

This dreamlike scene is a site-specific art installation created by artistic duo Walter Hugo & Zoniel for the Liverpool Biennial. Entitled The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Someone Living, the piece was not promoted in advance in any way. Instead it simply started happening and will continue making its punctual 10pm appearance until July 27, 2014.

If you can’t make it to Liverpool before the end of the month, you can click here to watch some video footage of the installation, which was shared by Neal Bryant.

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Angel’s Egg.

Night on Bald Mountain sequence in Disney’s Fantasia (1940)

shades of black

by Chiara Bautista