I’m bored with tumblr right now, in case that isn’t super obvi. I’ll return once I’m sated enough with other things that making a queue seems interesting and fulfilling again.

my bf just told me that if we don’t get to visit the best apple orchard ever this october when he visits, he will make me homemade apple cider doughnuts



in case anyone was considering buying a shirt with that image, the man in the photo is requesting that people dont buy it 

see people are already starting to aestheticize black people fighting for their lives and humanity to make a profit (that doesn’t even help said marginalized people..) like ??????

yesterday it was only 63° out (17.2°) and windy and rainy and gloomy and I have not missed fall this hard in a really long time

When you’re all alone
Far away from home
There’s a gift the angel sent
When you’re alone

Everyday must end
But the night’s our friend
Angels always send a star
When you’re alone

At night when I’m alone
I lie awake and wonder
Which of them belongs to me
Which one I wonder?

And any star I choose
Watches over me
So I know I’m not alone
When I’m here on my own

The stars are all my friends
Till the night time ends
So I know I’m not alone
When I’m here on my own

Isn’t that a wonder?
When you’re alone
You’re not alone
Not really alone

Hook, 1991. x 

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Antiquated Future

Nikolai Roerich | La Madre del Mundo

“Angels often do not know whether they walk among the dead or living.”
– Rainer Maria Rilke (via journalofanobody)

(di Fede.Tra)

Flora by Egill Bjarki Jonsson

Tree in bloom, 1900, Vojtěch Preissig. Czech (1873 - 1944)
- Color Etching on Paper -

Soviet Space Program 1971